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At Dana & Dana, our East Providence personal injury attorneys are ready to go the distance for all of our clients. It's our belief that going to trial is often the only way to get our clients the compensation they deserve.

Many times, we have advised clients that turning down a settlement and pursuing the amount they want in trial is the best way to proceed. Time and time again, we have been proven right in this approach, winning a much larger amount for the client at trial than was originally offered as a settlement.

Our Personal Injury Attorneys in East Providence

Will Take Your Case to the Courtroom

With extensive experience in the courtroom setting, we know what it takes to win a jury trial. We can locate the experts you need to convince the jury of your case, and the right questions to ask defense experts in order to poke holes in their testimony. Mark Dana's expertise in cross examination makes it easier for him to make the points needed to convince a jury. In past cases, Dana has brought the truth out from witnesses and experts alike under cross examination.

We’ve Won Millions in East Providence Personal Injury Cases

Some of the large verdicts we have won in the past include:

 A jury verdict of almost three million dollars for a truck accident injury victim who was refused
   compensation by his insurance company. 
 A jury verdict of almost $400,000 for the victim of facial burns caused by fireworks.
 A jury verdict of six times the amount offered by the insurance company for the victim of a slip and fall
   caused by ice on a driveway.
 A jury verdict of $60,000 for a school bus driver who was driving a bus full of children when the road
   collapsed under her. The city of Providence was found to be at fault due to poor reconstruction work.

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